Love, who is a radio veteran and published author founded BWIR in 2017 after she recognized the disparities in how the contributions between Black men and Black women were viewed. She challenged herself with ensuring women were recognized for their hard work and contributions by researching the history of Black women who helped
shape Black Radio culture.

“It is imperative that we document how significantly Black Women in Radio has affected Black culture wherein the past much their worth has been overlooked. Creating the Black Women in Radio platform helps us to acknowledge everyday local and national milestones in real time and highlight the meaningful treasure in the National Black Radio
Hall of Fame museums,” Love added.

Love said, “BWIR has a significant role in the development of the National Black Radio Hall of Fame. We are collectively sharing stories, milestones, and accomplishments, which will be on digital display depicting the journey out of the shadows as a double minority in broadcasting into a powerful influential collective.