Black Women In Radio & Digital Media is successfully expanding the awareness of thousands of minority women from multi-generations who enjoy creative expression. BWIR is a national representation of increased  diversity in digital media culture.

Terrestrial radio is a 100 years old, literally. The medium is not going any where but it will continue to change and evolve. Anyone who has the desire to creatively express must be smart, innovative and  flexible. BWIR represents thousands of years of professional broadcasting experience. We are writers, producers, celebrities, executives, promoters and radio station owners.

We are here to share what we know with you. The BWIR Podcast will absolutely provide you with a VIP seat to learn from the  professionals across the nation. They share their wisdom, challenges and breakthroughs as a contribution to others. Join us as we celebrate our diversity and tell our stories like only we can. Subscribe to Black Women In Radio on YouTube and Facebook. New episodes are published weekly on
Wednesdays at noon EST.

The BWIR Podcast