Has anyone ever asked you! Well, we want to know. Who is your pick for the TOP 10 in the industry?

Black Women In Radio is conducting a national survey to identify radio industry professionals you most value in three categories: Radio personality, Leadership, and DJ.

Criteria: We don’t live in a time warp. We recognize that everyone has different career experiences and a variety of influencers from all races and ethnicities. List 10 Badass minority American radio industry professionals who identify as female and demonstrate an unparalleled hustle and drive, demonstrate fearless creativity and talent, and who is unapologetically powerful in the 21st century (2001-present). List one or 10 for each category.

Who are the leaders who use their position to grow people to be better? Who is that legacy worthy radio personality and DJ that we will be talking about for years to come? Finally, who are the historical legends? Provide the nominee’s name and tell us why. GO! Deadline is ASAP.