Skye’s one word is “Unicorn”
Fav Movie “Boomerang”
Fav Book: “…this is hard because I love words! I love reading biographies of people that I admire.
Fav Album: Tina Turner: Private Dancer
Fav Vacation Spot: “any beach destination”
What is your perception of self-love? “Self love is staying true to who you are… nomatter what the circumstances are. It’s not changing for anyone.”

Skye has been in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades. From the small screen to the big screen and everything in between, her passion for entertainment can be felt as well as seen. Interviewing everyone from the legendary Lou Gossett Jr. to comedian Anthony Anderson, the actress has worked on several Tyler Perry sets, music videos, major motion pictures and in theatrical productions. Skye has worked at two Atlanta radio stations as on-air, on-line and voiceover talent, in addition to hosting fashion shows and award ceremonies. Skye continues to press her way through the entertainment world and as we all know, sky’s the limit!