Love, Greene, and Littel are all media veterans in the Atlanta radio market. Brooks is a local filmmaker who is documenting this forum including a Q & A, and networking activities.

Spelman College students will gain an awareness of multi-generational communication barriers to improve employability and workplace morale. Studies have shown communication barriers to cause expensive delays in workplace productivity, stifle sales, lead to incomplete projects, and deflate morale.

“It is our responsibility to stay engaged in the direction of media arts and its effect on minorities, and women in the industry. BWIR seeks to collaborate with colleges and institutions to demonstrate positive influences on workplace and media through research and education. As a former Spelman educator, I knew that our accomplishments with BWIR would add value to Spelman College’s values on women and education,” said Love.

A primary goal of BWIR is to elevate Black radio culture and the perception of minority women in Media Arts.