by Felesha Love

JUNE IS BLACK MUSIC MONTH, as such, Black Women In Radio #BWIR seeks to change the way Black women are perceived. Black music culture is rich in history and influence. However, the creative sisters behind the turntables deserve their props.

For decades, people have and continue to be positively affected by a DJ’s passion, creativity, style, and musical ear. They intuitively know how to light up the party atmosphere.

At present, the world is in a face-off between COVID and racism pandemics. Music is needed, now more than ever. Look to the inspirational influences of musicians, singers, rappers, producers, and our sisters spinning on the one’s and two’s keeping the music playing while the world heals. Music is the key to reminding humanity that all really is one.

Thank goodness with have Black Music Month to celebrate music culture and its contributors. The highest respect belongs to founders Dyana Williams, Kenny Gamble, and Ed Wright who under the Carter presidency in 1979 acquired acknowledgment from the White House.

Williams labored through many obstacles to make it official. She created the International Association of African American Music Foundation (IAAAMF) and lobbied on Capitol Hill until the passing of legislation in 2000.

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Godmother of Black Music Month Dyana Williams

Women On The One’s and Two’s Accentuating Black Music Month in 2020

Here are a few women we think you should know. Be sure to follow their social media pages and support their work. You can also follow Black Women In Radio on Instagram and Facebook to meet dynamic women from all over the country and abroad.