For the month of May, Black Women in Radio (BWIR) has chosen is highlight Jackie Paige. Paige began her radio career in college at Hampton University’s WHOV 88.1.  Paige says beginning her career in college radio helped give her the foundational information she needed when she began her career in professional radio. Presently, she hosts middays in 3 markets including WKYAS in D.C. where she lives, and 92.7 The Block in Charlotte, and Ipower 92.1/104.1 in Richmond, but what she aspires to do is take her show on the road and work overseas someday. Paige says being recognized by BWIR is a mind-blowing honor for her. She believes BWIR is necessary because radio is a very competitive industry, so it is very important for others to see us being a voice, making a difference, and representing us. Ironically, she believes she does not think she would be where she is now if she were a male because the station that gave her a start was looking specifically for a female.

“Working in radio has taught me that my purpose is to serve. I am a server whether it is making someone laugh, or motivating them to work-out,” said Paige. 

She adds, “Serving the community, is something that radio should continue to do because it is important for radio to experience the highs and lows of the community.” Speaking of serving, Paige devotes her time to helping young women through her work with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and The James House. One common misconception listeners have about Paige is that they think radio makes her “sound taller.” 

“I don’t understand that. I’m short, like 5’1 short and I also love to eat. Yes, I do workout A LOT to promote health, fitness, and wellness, but I love having a medium pizza and some fries from time to time,” she said.

Perhaps it is because of her love for an occasional pizza and fries that she began offering free virtual Zumba and HIT (high intensity interval training) classes during the pandemic. 

“When I started [in radio], I never would have imagined someone saying, Jackie, you are a black woman doing some great things in radio. Wow, just wow!”